About Us

Halton Furniture LogoHalton furniture and hardwood flooring has had decades of experience in the business and has provided furniture of exquisite taste for thousands of satisfied customers. We are one of the top selling furniture stores throughout the GTA. Our store has a reputation for not only having top quality, long lasting products, but a welcoming, experienced staff that are properly trained to help you with whatever you need and a very pleasant ambiance throughout the store. With our unrivalled professionalism and great customer service, we have never once disappointed a customer before. Whether it’s for a new apartment downtown, or an old home needing some sprucing, our store has everything you would need. With unique styles that range from contemporary to pure elegance, you are sure to find something for any room in your home. Our classy furniture comes at prices that are hard to beat, especially with the quality you get with each purchase. At Halton furniture and hardwood flooring, we believe that if we wouldn’t buy it for our own homes, it’s not worthy to be in our store. We have a 100% guaranteed satisfaction rate for our products that has lasted for decades and will continue to hold true for decades more to come. We also have a wide range of hardwood flooring to match with whatever style you have in mind. We can also deliver your precious merchandise right to your doorstep if you wish. The display at our store is also more conveniently set to make the decision of choosing your new set of furniture even easier for you. We strive to make every visit to our store productive and enjoyable. At Halton furniture and hardwood flooring, we don’t just see you as a statistical number or another just another customer to appease; we treat everyone that comes through our doors as if they were a good friend, regardless of what they are looking for or  how much they spend. Come by our place and see for yourself, the top ranked quality of Halton Furniture and Hardwood Flooring.